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Adrian Walker

Principal Teacher TCRG/ADCRG

  • Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Creative Industries
  • TCRG (Registered teacher with the Irish & Australian Irish Dancing Commission)
  • ADCRG (Registered adjudicator with the Irish & Australian Irish Dancing Commission)
  • Positive Blue Card (Queensland Commission for Children)

“I am always excited by the passion, the energy and the joy that every student brings to our dance classes”

Adrian has been dancing for over 20 years, and has achieved remarkable success as a competitive and professional Irish dancer. Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge on Irish dance technique and performance from invaluable training with professional choreographers, teachers and trainers overseas, to the students of the Walker School.

During Adrian’s competitive dancing years he was the QLD State and Australian National Irish Dancing Champion on several occasions. On the professional stage, Adrian has toured internationally with Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord of the Dance’, and was then selected to create, rehearse and perform in Michael Flatley’s new production ‘Celtic Tiger’. Adrian retired from his professional dance career after performing in the arena spectacular ‘Feet of Flames’

Adrian completed a degree in Education and Creative Industries (with honours and distinction) and has had experience working with students in Primary and Secondary schools. Adrian shows a high level of commitment and dedication to the dance form and to the students of the Walker School.

Ann Truman

Ann Truman

Teacher TMRF

  • TMRF (Registered teacher with the Irish & Australian Irish Dancing Commission)
  • Positive Blue Card (Queensland Commission for Children)

“I love watching the children commit to the dancing and feel the satisfaction when they master a movement or rhythm which has taken hours of practice to achieve.”

Ann has been involved in Irish dancing for over 40 years. She competed at many fiesanna (competitions) in England and Scotland throughout the 70s and won the All England titles at 14.

Ann started her affair with Irish dancing in London at the ripe old age of 5 and continued up until she successfully completed her TMRF exams. She was very lucky to be involved with the Irish culture from birth, surrounded by a traditional flutist father and many talented musical relatives who influenced her love of the music and dance.

Ann’s introduction into the Queensland Irish dancing community, after immigrating from the UK, resulted from her daughter taking up Irish Dance. Ann was lucky to re educate and learn the steps & challenges of
today’s dances. Her enthusiasm and love of Irish dance is apparent from her dedication to the traditional style, values and passion she shares with the teachers of the Walker School.

Peggy Walker

Peggy Walker


  • Peggy received a Gradam Award in 2013 from the CLRG which acknowledged her life time contribution to the promotion of Irish Dancing in Queensland.
  • Positive Blue Card (Queensland Commission for Children)

“I am from Ireland and I come from a family who love Irish tradition; Irish Dancing has always been a central part of my life.”

Peggy first started to learn Irish Dancing at school in Dublin in 1953. She emigrated to England with her family and danced under Terry and Nancy Bowler, and successfully took part in figures, choreographies and dance dramas in the World and All Ireland Championships. It was during this time that her love for Irish dancing was ignited.

Peggy moved to Australia when there were few teachers in Brisbane and since then has been a regular volunteer at feiseanna, fundraisers and events for the Australian and Queensland Irish Dancing associations. Her three children danced in Brisbane, and shared the same passion and enthusiasm for Irish Dancing. Peggy was not only a ‘Mum’ to her three kids but was a loving hand to many children throughout the years – helping them practice, supervising children on camps and trips, curling hair and making dresses.

Peggy assisted her two children with their studies to become TCRG and now is an integral teacher and assistant of the Walker school. She continues to foster her love for Irish Dance and continues to encourage all dancers from the school to do their best. She believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to dance and will do anything her power to assist them.

We hope to share the passion and joy of our unique dance form with you!